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3rd Party Lab Tested

All of our flower for sale is third-party, lab tested and each order is accompanied by a certificate of analysis to ensure premium quality and a delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3%

Small Batch

All of our hemp bud is slow dried, 60 day-cured and hand-trimmed, similar to high THC cannabis strains, for the highest quality product and most enjoyable experience possible.

Organic Practices

All of our hemp plants are grown using all organic farming practices. All soil amendments are organic certified and no chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used.

Quality is our top priority.

We are a family-owned farm dedicated to growing and sourcing ultra premium flower. We work closely with small farms in conjunction with third-party, state-licensed testing facilities to ensure that we bring you the very best experience in flower. All of our ultra premium cannabinoid rich flower is slow dried, 60-day cured, hand manicured, and cultivated outdoors without the use of any chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.


Absolute Nature is committed to providing you with honest, safe, clean, high-quality CBD hemp flower products you can trust!

What sets us apart, and why should you trust us?

From day one, Absolute Nature CBD’s ethos and our mission were to provide the best possible service, clean, safe, high-quality CBD products. Held to high standards, with clear, transparent reporting and never cutting corners, or rushing out potentially unsafe, un-clean products for the sake of financial gain. We chose our ethics over profit, which will never waiver.

Our smokable hemp flowers come from fully licensed specialist small batch hemp flower growers, who provide us with open access to their farms — spend considerable time to forge relationships with us, to better understand their growing practices, their ethics and their standards align with ours. We don’t just work with anybody — we have rigorous processes we carry out before entering into a partnership with hemp flower growers.

How do we scrutinize hemp farms, and what’s our inspection process?

The first step in our partnership inspection process is understanding what each farm stands for, what their goals are, who the people are managing the grow operations, to gauge whether or not we stand for the same objectives and standards.

We then look into their farm, hemp growing practices, their hemp growing operation procedures, their hemp flower turnover rates, curing process, handling, storage, their licensing & legal documentation, and review the products’ most recent available lab tests. We look for the hemp flowers cannabinoid profile, THC content, contaminant tests, pesticides, and heavy metals. If the farm meets our requirements and the hemp flower lab tests are clean, we move to the first sample testing stage.

We sample the final cured hemp flowers. We look for the quality of curing, trimming quality, process and standards, smell, feel, and overall bud quality. Is it too young, was it rushed cured or dried, has it lost its distinctive aroma, is it too dry, to wet, to open?

We then request random samples of each hemp flower strain and send them away for testing to an independent 3rd party lab to confirm the initial reports presented to us compares to the samples we test. If all comes back as expected, we then purchase the verified hemp flower strains.

Once we take delivery of the final cured hemp flowers, we take random samples from each batch, send that away to an independent 3rd party lab to establish the product delivered is as expected. Displays the cannabinoid profile we procured and, most importantly: Clean, free from contamination, pesticides, heavy metals, and molds.

If at any stage our hemp flower batch tests come back non-compliant or tainted in any way, that batch of flower buds would not go on sale, and our purchase gets returned to the grower.

We never cut corners; we never release hemp flower buds until we are 100% sure they meet our demanding standards that our customers have come to expect.

As with all of our CBD products, we publish the final product, batch-specific 3rd party reports on each product page for our customers to read and review.

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Benefits of Greenhouse Grown CBD Hemp/Cannabis Flower

Growing cannabis/legal hemp flowers in a greenhouse has a multitude of benefits for both quality and sustainability, as well as being more Eco-friendly. The main apparent points are the consumption of power; growing indoors without any natural light or heat requires 100% power controlled temperature, light, and usually water/feeding systems. Whereas, growing in greenhouses (hoop-houses) allows growers to depend less on powered sources of light, heat & water/feeding, by utilizing sunlight and varying temperature & humidity using simple techniques, using vents to control airflow, etc. Greenhouses also produce a more consistent product than fully outdoor grows.
Greenhouse-grown CBD hemp flower also benefits from a much broader, deeply penetrating spectrum of light, which can improve overall quality, cannabinoid & terpene profile resulting in a better experience overall.

That’s not to say that greenhouse-grown hemp flower is 100% void of power usage and hardware. Heating, supplemental lighting, fans & sometimes power controlled ventilation gets used. Quality is absolutely dependent on each grower’s knowledge & skill, their style, geographical location, and utilization of growing seasons. In-fact, larger-scale greenhouse farms will have fully automated, and power/computer run systems controlling all aspects of each stage of the grow.

Indoor (not greenhouse indoor) yields are typically smaller than greenhouse-grown hemp flowers. Startup and running costs are usually more expensive, all of which drive the prices up somewhat.

Key benefits to greenhouse & indoor-grown hemp flower:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Weather and Climate Control
  • Lighting Control – Supplemental lighting – sun-grown
  • Life Cycle Control
  • Soil/grow medium quality and control
  • Control over, nutrients, pesticides & other contaminants

Although the benefits of greenhouse-grown seem to eclipse “indoor” & Outdoor-grown hemp flower, it’s important to state this isn’t always the case. Grower knowledge, skill, setup, and many other factors come into play. Yes, greenhouse-grown is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and for the most part, enjoys higher yields and better quality. Truth be told, bad growers can and will produce the complete opposite. Knowing your growers are masters of their art, with constant testing, innovation, monitoring and sampling, customer feedback, and a drive to always improve, are, without a doubt, the vital drivers to high-quality hemp flowers.