Moonrocks – 25 % Oil with Premium CBD Hash Powder

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Roccakush Moonrocks are eu certified industrial hemp variety with further processing. The CBD Content is 35 %. With just 0,2 % THC, you do not have to be afraid of psychoactive effects. Taste this new bud wetted in CBD hashoil. On top of it – covered in strong CBD kief!

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Roccakush Moonrocks covered in CBD Hash Oil and Kief

The combination of CBD flower dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief – Bigger, faster, stronger. The CBD is so strong that you will directly to the moon. Without any psychoactive effects.

This product is designed for Europe. Enjoy the full spectrum of hemp for a great taste experience.

CBD: 36.47 %
THC: < 0.2 %

Terpenes: Caryophyllen, Pinene, Limonene, Humulene, Myrcene, Linalool


1 lb, 2lbs, 4lbs, 7lbs

18 reviews for Moonrocks – 25 % Oil with Premium CBD Hash Powder

  1. Snoopie1322

    By far my favorite strain I’ve ever smoked the feeling you get is incredible I’d give it more stars if I could

  2. Jonah12

    Tasty! Relaxing, and now I’m hungry.

  3. wjpurcell

    this sh*t put me on my ass, fantastic

  4. Stonabella

    This is my absolute favorite strain. It gives a very balanced, classic kind of high. Great for listening to music. It gave me an energy boost and I ended up dancing. It also had a very arousing effect for me. I am on SSRIs that kill my libido and this strain fixed that for me 100%.

  5. CA_Blazer_420

    Currently high on this strain right now, and have been multiple times in the past. You see, this strain is everything I want in a hybrid however the sheer laziness it bestows on you is what keeps me from putting this with my top favorites.

  6. arolodolo

    Amazing. So much relaxation and pain relief yet it doesn’t make you sleepy. In fact the euphoria and happiness will make you only want to and able to stay awake, which I cherish when I find it in an indica

  7. ClaysunKusk

    Relaxing, forgetful.

  8. SirUnordinary

    This literally makes you the happiest person in the room

  9. SincerelyLinh

    Gave me a super relaxing high. One of the most relaxed ones I’ve ever had. Or maybe THE most relaxing one I’ve ever had. I’d say great for sleep. Would highly highly recommend!

  10. SincerelyLinh

    Probably one of my top favorites! Main effects, for me personally, are definitely arousal, hunger, and drowsiness. Perfect to smoke before bed or if you just want to get your sins on.

  11. JMStei

    I smoked half a gram of this in one sitting and something happened to me that had never happened to me before after smoking, I was hallucinating. I smoke a lot and while I’ve had some light tripping before, this was new.

  12. Sundowner6666

    This is my first review and I am a writer by nature and trade..and I never read a review on the strain before first hit of the day. Match 1 vape cart ..05 1st pull _- Immediate sense of calm and all I can describe it as by 2nd pull is A sense of fullness.

  13. Sundowner6666

    I have always loved this strain. it is perfect for my anxiety and chronic pain but elts me do things and feel happier while doing so. My whole house smoke this stuff and we all love it and enjoy the effects.

  14. connoisseurDeFlower

    Moonrocks will always be a, top 10 fav. Calming, relaxing , soothing to the soul. Everything OG kush should be. If it ain’t ocean grown., Grown right , then go the F!?# home !

  15. sofiarayvs

    makes me feel goofy asf

  16. APVA

    Buds were small, tight. Wonderful aroma and taste. Burning one was all I needed. Reminiscent of great old school herb. Strong head high, and body harmony

  17. DistantWhisper

    I thought this strain was hit. I personal love being able to talk and feel comfortable in my environment. And this strain does that like a charm!

  18. Wilhelmina

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