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  • The Beauty of Hemp flower
    The beauty of the hemp flower Hemp is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of medicine. However, since becoming legalized to be used to treat many problems, such as anxiety, it’s fast become a popular alternative for those looking for something simple to take the edge off. But what do you actually know about… Read […]
  • Hemp or Cannabis Infusions: Advice From a Beverage Industry Expert
    Let’s just call them both “cannabis” beverages. Cannabis and hemp are really just variations of the same plant and only differ in the amount of THC they contain by dry weight. And whether they have THC below a limit making them legal as hemp or contain a significant amount of THC, the methods for making… Read […]
  • Tilray Wins Authorization to Sell Medical Cannabis in Portugal
    The regulatory approval bolsters the cannabis company’s ambitions to be a top player in the category. Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) has opened a new market for medical marijuana. The company announced Monday that Portugal’s national healthcare regulator, Infarmed, has granted it authorization to sell its products in that country. “This is the first time a full… Read […]
    Right now you may be confused about CBD hemp flower and its legality in the 50 states of America. CBD hemp flower is the flower of the CBD hemp plant that is left after the plant has been harvested, dried and cured. This means that all the excess leaves of the hemp plant are removed by… Read […]
  • Wholesale CBD Flower UK – What Are CBD Crystals? A Complete User’s Guide
    Everything About Cannabidiol Crystals: Wholesale CBD Flower UK, Effects, Dosage, and How to Use Them Correctly. You’ve heard about wholesale cbd flower uk , CBD crystals and you’d like to know more? Cannabidiol crystals are obtained from Cannabis Sativa buds with a prevalence of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is a component of Cannabis with soothing, anti-inflammatory,… Read […]
  • Are CBD Flowers Legal in the UK 2020?
    CBD flowers in the UK seem to be becoming more accessible week by week, whether that be through online websites or high street stores, but the questions on everyone’s mind is are CBD Flowers actually legal?     UK / EU law surrounding CBD Products. First things first, CBD as a whole is now accepted by… Read […]
  • CBD Gummies & Scary Flicks for Halloween
    Discover the Scariest Movies and Tastiest CBD Edibles JustCBD Gummies It is that time of year again when we get to enjoy plenty of candy, along with frightening movies that may keep some of us up at night. Over this year’s unusual Halloween weekend, you can toss out all that fattening chocolate, as well as… Read […]
  • A High CBD Hemp Seeds Beginners Guide
    As hemp becomes more common in American culture, so do misconceptions about what it is and is not. Indeed, many people nowadays use words like cannabis, CBD, marijuana, and hemp as if they’re all the same thing. In reality, there are many differences between these terms. If you’re interested in better understanding what hemp is, then… Read […]
  • The 5 Best-Rated CBD Oil Brands
    If you’ve been following the CBD and hemp scene, you’ve probably noticed that there are quite a few brands that stand out among the others. And that’s not without good reason – while all CBD oil brands offer the same, coveted CBD cannabinoid, there are some brands that are simply just a cut above the rest. Here… Read […]
  • CBD oil burns throat
    Why does CBD oil burn my throat? After holding it under my tongue for a few seconds it trickles down and burns my throat sometimes so badly it lasts for several hours It could be due to a particular ingredient. Not all CBD oils have the same level of quality, purity and ingredients. In general,… Read […]

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