March 2020


As this is being written, CBD is undoubtedly the most popular supplement in Europe. CBD isn’t psychoactive and its products do not contain THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid. In 2016 the MHRA re-classified CBD in the UK as a new medicinal ingredient giving legal access to these products. Many business owners talk about how the MHRA’s current regulation of CBD… Read More »WHAT DOES BREXIT MEAN FOR CBD PRODUCTS?

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Israeli Company Univo Acquires License To Corner the Medical Cannabis Market

Univo, one of the few companies to run a full seed-to-sale medical cannabis operation, has just partnered with GrowX in a deal that will make Israel a global hot spot for medical cannabis distribution. The Israeli-based company announced today that they’ll be partnering with up-and-coming aeroponics developer GrowX, and working on a new, massive facility in a mission to expand their… Read More »Israeli Company Univo Acquires License To Corner the Medical Cannabis Market

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CBD Versus Viruses: What Do We Really Know?

Amid the swirl of information or misinformation being aired and shared regarding the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has been discussion about whether cannabinoids — mostly CBD — has the capacity to kill the virus or stop its contagion. Is there any truth to such claims? If not, what leads people to make or repeat them? The short answer… Read More »CBD Versus Viruses: What Do We Really Know?

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CBD AUTOS are a new Industrial Hemp AutoFlower varietal now available for wholesale in 1/2 LB and 1 LB bulk quantities.  With over 15{822983c057998e557a55c83adcf0991d588ca7b9e55334a344ed9422ee705cc3} CBD potency and only 0.17{822983c057998e557a55c83adcf0991d588ca7b9e55334a344ed9422ee705cc3} Total THC, CBD AUTOS hemp flower has a very unique piney aroma and fluffy buds. Click here to view product information

Federal Government Nips America’s First Hemp Wine in the Bud

    wholesale hemp flower buds Sovereign Vines proudly proclaims itself as the creator of “America’s first hemp-infused wine.” But if the federal government’s ruling in a new dispute holds, it may have made America’s last hemp-infused wine, at least for now. The founder and CEO of the Binghamton, N.Y.–area company, Kaelan Castetter, brought us up to speed with a… Read More »Federal Government Nips America’s First Hemp Wine in the Bud

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  How To Use CBD for Pain Relief? Using CBD hemp flower for pain relief is very popular. In the event that you fall under the classification of Homo sapiens, you more likely than not experienced an inescapable inclination called torment. Presently, this condition is a piece of reality. Each breathing soul encounters pain in their life. It could be… Read More »CBD FOR PAIN RELIEF