Pure CBD Isolate Powder (Grams to Kgs)

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The possibilities are endless with CBDistillery™’s 99+% Pure Isolate Crystalline Powder! Make your own CBD products by adding Isolate Powder to beauty products like lotions and creams. With 99+% pure CBD, CBD Isolate Powder is the perfect way to incorporate CBD into your life.

CBD Isolates are a great way to incorporate 99+% pure CBD into your daily routine! Whether you prefer to add CBD to your food and drinks or create your own CBD topic products, our convenient Isolate Powders are perfect for any CBD consumer looking to reap all of the benefits of 99+% pure CBD with 0.0% THC.


CBDistillery™’s Isolates harness the power of pure CBD! CBD Isolate products include 0.0% THC. When you use CBDistillery™ CBD Isolate Powders, you can be assured you’re using the highest quality CBD on the market. All CBDistillery™ products are third-party lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and consistent dosing.

CBDistillery™ products are made using U.S. Hemp Authority-certified non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the USA using natural farming practices.

Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, no other active ingredients

13 reviews for Pure CBD Isolate Powder (Grams to Kgs)

  1. CandyCravings

    More happy than energizing, you can still sleep on it. Good notes!

  2. laurojillian

    Recently tried Treasure Valley Farm, but this strain has the opposite effect of active. Became mega relaxed and tired. Interesting that an apparent Sativa strain seems more like an Indica.

  3. Mcvom J.

    my favorite sativa ever,makes you extremely happy

  4. Pat lowa

    Set uplifting. Good for being active

  5. 408baddie

    this taste exactly how it smells! sativa based weed that is very tasty. has a good high to it as well. very uplifting.

  6. DonutLestrange

    Very calming and great taste. It’s my go to strain in the am..

  7. aeroman420

    Good quality sativa hybrid!

  8. avvoided

    i am very bery very high

  9. Bubbles.mcflury

    Got me high🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Logoon420

    This is my favorite strain. A lot of people don’t really think of Jack Herer as their favorite or one of them, but for me it’s my favorite mostly bc of the aroma and taste but the effects make it even better.

  11. MachoKush420

    Treasure Valley Farm is the best morning “Coffee” to start every morning.

  12. DonutLestrange

    Love this for the morning. It gives a great pick me up and joyful mood.

  13. MRobinsonJr

    Really great feeling without making you tired.

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