Super Silver Haze Premium CBD Hemp Flower

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Super Silver Haze is famous for its intensive Haze flavor. Compared with a sweet Skunk taste, Haze and Northern Light it seems like magic.

This triple experience is following with its an energic effect which is optimal for working, studying even sport. It is perfect to treat headache, migraine and all state of fears.


Super Silver Haze – CBD Hemp flower. buy hemp flower

CBD Hemp Flower.  Marvelous the only CBD remake ever made till now. The classic Super Silver Haze was intended in the ’90s. It was crossed with Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1. CfffBD Flower Shop

This strain was crossed with our CBD Strain which kept the optical characteristics. This Sativa dominated has a great Haze and Indica influence.

With 21 {c2b7d112a07a3e592b55a715630f3c5bf5e86c8af90cd5aaea5f750b84de84b6} CBD, it is perfect to make hashish, oil, or other hemp products like edibles.

CBD: 21.21 {c2b7d112a07a3e592b55a715630f3c5bf5e86c8af90cd5aaea5f750b84de84b6}
THC: < 0,16 {c2b7d112a07a3e592b55a715630f3c5bf5e86c8af90cd5aaea5f750b84de84b6}

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, Humulene, Pinene


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17 reviews for Super Silver Haze Premium CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Pat lowa

    This is an amazing strain! Perfect for chronic pain and fatigue, it helps soothe the body and mind without making you want to fall asleep. Like all others, it’ll make you hungry. If you work in a stressful environment or constantly interact with people and also happen to suffer from social- anxiety …

  2. Kthorwass

    super silver haze is my all time favorite. It’s the perfect strain for the first thing in the morning. It’s sets the tone of happiness, creativity, and energy. Mixed with coffee 🙌🏼 I can enjoy Jack all day.

  3. AlexisBolduc

    Its a very good activity strain . It will nake you happy, aroused and energetic going for a hike on a sunny day with a joint or just having a good laugh with some friends its a very potent and fun strain i strongly recomend to whoever whants a euphoric high.

  4. Goneagain

    Disappointing, after all the hype, I found it an average strength high. For me, hardly a champion bud. Apart from that it’s uplifting & helps pain.

  5. J-Unit

    Just bought 1/4 and did JH last 4 days and based on all these rave reviews and hype, I have to say Its been very disappointing. It’s still decent but it doesn’t give me that super happy / life is great high like Tropicana cookies, chocolope or white widow (among others)

  6. Jmwalsh19

    Personally, this is by far the best sativa strain I have ever tried (for me at least). I feel amazingly uplifted and euphoric when i smoke Super Silver Haze . talkative, happy, and calm in general. No negative side effects that can come with certain sativas.

  7. RatelBreezy

    Classic strain with a good happy high. One of the weeds I consider a staple strain in the roots of the marijuana scene.

  8. nikkidmb

    I didn’t find this to be energizing, but it definitely helped with stress and made me happier. It helped me engage with my daughter and laugh and have a good time. This would be a good all-day strain for depression.

  9. Dfrederking

    I have anxiety and PTSD with depression on the side. Jack Herer has been a great addition to my arsenal of useful strains. Not too intense of a high for me but enough to calm my nerves and escape after a hard day.

  10. Duncan Buds

    good service .. will be ordering again soon

  11. Shawn Javis (store manager)

    fast cheers … thank you

  12. Mcvom J.

    I Like The Creative Side That I Get From The Uplifting, Euphoric Happiness After Toking This Strain That I Received From A Friend That Got It From Cali.

  13. matt roberts

    Me and my friend thinks this strain is good. It tastes like mint, menthol, pepper and little bit blueberry. This strain also gives us giggles and we have a good time. VERY DRY MOUTHH!!!!

  14. pan L

    High that lasts for hourssss

  15. Ryan randa

    not very full bodied but nice for managing depression

  16. Ethanbmx

    Basically a psychoactive redbull 🤪

  17. Shaunerbug

    Not one of favorite tasting strain but he energy get from Jack Herer is unique; unmatched any other strain.

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