White Widow Hemp Flower

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This famous cannabis strain now takes its gene pool to the hemp flower world coming in at a crazy high 16.7% CBGa content, .04% CBD-V content, and less than.


White Widow – natural CBD Hemp Flower

All of our products fulfills the highest quality standard and controls. The plants are a biological product without any pesticides and chemical additives. Thanks to the gently drying, the hemp plant has all terpenes and needed ingredients. cbd hemp flower

CBD: 19.28 {c2b7d112a07a3e592b55a715630f3c5bf5e86c8af90cd5aaea5f750b84de84b6}
THC: < 0.48 {c2b7d112a07a3e592b55a715630f3c5bf5e86c8af90cd5aaea5f750b84de84b6}
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene

The observance of the THC limit is controlled permanently by independent laboratories.

In our Flowers are just natural CBD.   CBD has not a psychoactive effect like THC. White Widow has not just a high content of CBD, it has several cannabinoids and other terpenes.

Enjoy the pure soul of Cannabis without any risk. Explore the benefits of CBD.


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10 reviews for White Widow Hemp Flower

  1. AdanBlinBlinDJ

    Helped me with my PTSD, helps me with anxiety, stress, pain and insomnia. Very relaxing effect, but at the same time I can still work and have fun. I like the flavor but can’t exactly describe it. I tried it on Wax and the effects are stronger. Great strain to use before sleeping.

  2. Raynjau

    It gave me an energized happy high but also made me very relaxed the comedown makes you sleepy which is good if you struggle with sleeping at night White Widow is a classic could never go wrong with it

  3. piskarossi

    Very good

  4. Moominx77

    I tried this for a month about 2 dozen times (brownies) and it made me really depressed and sad. (I wasn’t depressed before trying it.) I didn’t get any up/good effects, it just made me down/lazy, didn’t even get munchies.

  5. HazeOG

    Best relaxing strain I ever had. Went gaming for hours straight, getting high KD ratios in FPS games. Smoked a Dutch spliff of it and it slowly came up while taking a few hits. It lasted kinda long for me, about 2,5 hours.

  6. slimegorilla

    1000% quality, super strong. dizzy and relaxing. mouth so dry that altoids aren’t cold

  7. Whatevs03

    I this strain a lot, it doesn’t make me sleepy like some do and I like how it makes me feel. I don’t get to high with this strain, I feel like it’s not that strong

  8. BriKween_

    It got me dumb high, but it ran out of flavor really fast. Not only that but the dry cotton mouth you get from this strand is like almost unbearable. It was sometimes hard to finish a full blunt of it.

  9. 420DapperDabber

    White Widow is very particular in it’s flavor. It smells very distinct and the high is good. Honestly it’s quality can vary dependant on who you get it from, but in the end it’s just a classic strain.

  10. 11hydroxythc

    great hybrid little strong on the comedown. mixes well with CBD

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