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Strawberry CBD Flower indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Strawberry produces buds that are small and shaped like strawberry, being dense and covered with resin. Its scent and flavor are reminiscent of both strawberries and Berry. This is one of our new CBD flowers.


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Buy CBD rich hemp flowers

Strawberry Cough is a very light green bud which is dense to touch and has an all round good look. It smells of berries with a big strawberry burst when the bud is cracked. The taste of this is mainly strawberries with a background note of diesel. Has great effect and is perfect for social event or any productive evening. buy cbd oil


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25 reviews for Strawberry Cough Hemp flower

  1. crdrake

    Strawberry Cough is an awesome phenotype really has been a great strain for me either day or night the last batch I had was 27.86{6253bf3c83edf168fcd9ff20bdaa640fe822a5bcf00b5050dd5bd3e4419c8e69}. For some it may be a better night time strain. Other then that it taste great smelled good looks good nice orange hairs purple hues everywhere for whatever that’s worth. I’ll continue to buy this strain as I already do. Definitely a strain you would like to try pick some up next time you see it in your local dispensary!!

  2. Samj1201

    I am super sensitive to THC so this strain made me extremely paranoid, I thought I was dying. Would not recommend if you are prone to anxiety and paranoia!!

  3. 1nd1caQueen

    Easy head high leaves you creative, active, focused.

  4. kresgie

    Loved it. I’m fairly new to the whole “terpene” game but after a short amount of research, limonene is my jam.

  5. Chiefmerreller

    A superior strain for sure,absolutely enjoyed Jack Herer. My experience was very pleasant and energetic light on my feet feeling,Jack Herer has become one inthe cornacopia of personal favorites

  6. Sewch

    I had to write a second review of this strain because it does change over time. It hits super smooth with fruity and sweet notes. I would have to say that this is more of a hybrid, rather than a traditional Sativa.

  7. connybee

    this was one of the best weed i ever had i felt so good and wrote a 5000+ paper of complit shit that had nothing to do with it but it was fun as fuck to re read it

  8. Codyloc915

    This is the only sativa strand I found to like. I would be motivated throughout the day and wouldn’t get paranoid. I found it to help with mood swings and to calm arthritis throughout the day.

  9. BrianStrainExplorer

    So far my favorite strain of all time Great and energetic feeling from start to finish. Best description fresh open eye. Great for all situations outside of sleep. No burnout after effects have worn off. Ideal for wale and bake.

  10. Shippohearts

    The taste is weird, but overall it’s pretty good for mood and pain. Unfortunately, it occasionally increases the spasms I get from my physical health issues. Great just for fun though.

  11. pothead72ok

    A nice smooth smoke. Made me feel uplifted, focused and energetic. I had no problems with anxiety or paranoia with this strain.

  12. tasiapantalias

    I love love LOVE this strain!!Great motivator!!

  13. bean_sprout

    I luv all Cindy strains as they derive from Treasure Valley Farm- an all time fave. If you overdue a Cindy stain then you will be tide up for a while. In any case a good one. Best bs

  14. Lacanadiennse

    Thank God I found you Jack Herer, you make me the “best me i can be.” My thoughts are clear, i am happy to be alive. I see my true self manifested when I am medicated with JH. My stubborn pride goes away and i am able to freely express myself in a positive way.

  15. beautybychandra

    The BEST Sativa I’ve had so far. I rarely enjoy a Sativa, BUT Jack Herer is that perfect mood enhancing, stress melting, day brightening strain. Never making you drowsy. Great stuff.

  16. breazy.

    All the time Favorite Nothing can beat Jack Herer, a true icon and amazing strain, the happiness, and relaxation brought from this Sativa is quite amazing. For a pure sativa, the body high was imminent, very tingly and made my body feel good all around. 6/5 Stars, amazing.

  17. Aureno0813


  18. Hammer_toe

    Noted aromas of aromatic green herbs, mint, freshly tilled earth, pine needles, woody and wonderfully inviting. Chunky nugs sparkles of trichomes drenched with life giving sap of goodness….sticky and compact.

  19. Vnpurified

    I really love this strain, the head high is AMAZING. The smell of it is also really nice. This would definitely have to be in one of my top 5 favorite strains!

  20. Jaggs76

    I can take a hit off the vape in the morning to get me moving , eases the morning pain but it keeps my head straight , last for hours .

  21. HarleyQuinnz

    Gives me great energy while being mellow enough to keep me going. Great naps after.

  22. chadpiffington

    Great really helped when I was feeling down in the dumps

  23. Chitownslim420

    One of the first times I’ve smoked good pot growing up this was the best strain. My homie picked me up half way into a family party and we cruised the block smoking this joint of what he told me Strawberry Cough.

  24. Akays

    In a sativa I want energy, social-ability and clear headedness. For me, Jack Herer does NOT provide that. My first use was on a hike with friends on a sunny day.

  25. AlteredFrequency

    Earthy, sticky and sweet, this is a mellow strain with a much lower tendency to cause anxiety or paranoia than strains like AK-47. It is not the easiest nor highest yielding strain and benefits from at least a moderate amount of growing experience

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