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UK Hemp Laws: Is it acceptable to purchase US CBD online from the UK?

Can you buy cbd in the UK

Can you buy cbd in the UK,  “No” is the appropriate response to the question “Is it legal to buy US CBD from the UK online?” Since the UK has entirely different regulatory rules than the US, it is illegal to purchase US hemp online and transport it to the UK. The UK’s rules regarding hemp and CBD remained murky for a while. Now, under UK hemp legislation, there is a highly strict procedure for CBD and hemp flower sales and manufacture.


UK CBD sales of American CBD

US CBD businesses must submit an application for clearance under the UK Food Safety Act and manufacture products in accordance with those rules in order to sell their goods legally in the UK. In the UK, CBD is regarded as a unique food. “There are currently no authorized CBD extracts or isolates on the market,” the UK Food Standards Agency reports.

US CBD enterprises who wish to sell items in the UK must obtain a license to import their products in addition to having specific products registered and approved. The highly specific and stringent criteria of the UK’s hemp laws must be followed. Similar to requesting novel medicine approval from the US FDA, novel food approval is obtained through a similar method. hemp flower uk cheapest

Most US hemp enterprises are unable to afford it because it is both time-consuming and expensive.

ship cbd hemp flower to uk

Can you buy cbd In the UK, is Hemp Flower legal?

For a variety of reasons, hemp flower cannot be lawfully exported from the US to the UK. The most significant is that most commercially available strains do not comply with the UK’s 0.2% total THC level. cbd flower uk online

Only plants cultivated from recognized seed types and with a THC level below 0.2% are eligible for licenses from the Home Office. Can you buy cbd in the UK

Factsheet on industrial hemp licence, last updated 15 January 2020, available at
Many states, including in the US, forbid the sale of smokable hemp products or demand that the overall THC content be less than 0.3%, which is less than the majority of smokable hemp flower contains.

Alabama, Indiana, Kansas (CBD isolate topicals only), Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas are among the US states that forbid smoking hemp.

To sell US hemp in the UK, additional labeling, import licenses, product registration and approval, and testing requirements must be satisfied. At the moment, US hemp businesses lack the necessary infrastructure to fulfill these demands. There are just a select few US hemp businesses that have the capacity to produce hemp and CBD in compliance, and none of them are online retailers.

ship cbd hemp flower to uk

Can You Ship CBD to the UK Under UK Hemp Laws?


No, you cannot send any unauthorized goods to the UK. When exporting CBD from the US to the UK, these products frequently become detained in customs or are seized. Companies who export CBD to the UK are required by UK hemp law to have an importation license, register their products, and manufacture them in accordance with UK CBD laws.

Bringing CBD into the UK
Only industrial hemp varieties that have received EU approval may be brought into the UK. To have their CBD extracts and isolates approved, all CBD products must submit an application.

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