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Curing and Drying

After we have harvested the crops we need to dry (Curing) the herbs for best results. Where to buy wholesale cbd flower europe.  We monitor the drying with computers and manual inspections every 6 hours. The rapidly expanding industry of cannabis cultivation has led to inquiries regarding controlled environment chambers for processes in this field. The drying (Curing) process is critical to maintaining proper levels of cannabinoids and preventing mold and mildew.

Manual Trimming

After the Hemp has dried we move the herbs to our trimming room where all the flowers (buds) are separated by hand from the leafs and stems and our great trimming specialists select only the finest flowers for our end product. Whats left from the trimming is of course reused for growing new plants but also used to extract CBD oils and other extracts.

Where to buy wholesale cbd flower europe- Growing Facilities

All our products are grown indoors and We combine tried-and-true heartland farming with innovative horticultural techniques to grow a select range of cannabis strains. Our focus is on consistency—a pure cannabis that our customers can trust and count on. With over 4000sqm of growing facilities and computer monitored temperature, lightning, soil content and moisture we have a outstanding quality in our products.

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We are one of the largest suppliers of raw hemp flowers and one of the best CBD hemp flower products in Europe. Our hemp flower products range from indoor-grown hemp strains to bulk high-quality outdoor-grown strains

We are a member of EIHA

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