How to Purchase Marijuana in Rome: Italy’s Legal Light Cannabis 2022

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The CBD flower shop EU
1July 2022

Since marijuana is now officially legal in Italy, purchasing marijuana in Rome has grown significantly in popularity and convenience. The CBD flower shop EU

You are not alone if you were taken aback by the sheer number of stores offering CBD and cannabis products as you strolled through the heart of Rome. CBD flower shop europe

Every week it seems like a brand-new cannabis retailer opens its doors, catering to picky collectors with a selection of products.

CBD flower shop europe

The CBD flower shop EU “Collectors” is the correct term.

A law that was passed in December 2016 and made a lovely loophole made a type of marijuana legal in Italy. The legislation was designed to assist Italian industrial hemp farmers. The CBD flower shop EU

There are several uses for hemp fibre, none of which involve getting high, and Italy was formerly a significant grower of the plant. cbd flower shop eu

Italian Law n.242 also established a grey area for the legal sale of light cannabis flowers in Italy, so long as no one intends to consume or inhale them.

You might not have found the exact marijuana you were looking for. THC levels in light cannabis are 0.5 percent or lower. Buy cbd flower buds online Because it is classified under the legislation with more industrial hemp, it can currently be sold lawfully.

Every tiny vial or bag of medical marijuana that is authorised to purchase in Italy is labelled with a warning and information on its status as a collectible. The CBD flower shop EU

For instance, the label on this bag of cannabis plainly states that it must be used in accordance with Italian Law No. 242, which means:

It’s not a drug.
Be careful not to swallow
Not appropriate for smoking

But it IS marijuana. So.

Happy accumulating?

 Purchasing Marijuana in Italy

The CBD flower shop EU
Look for a legal retailer of “collectible” marijuana. The shops typically feature full glass construction, a sleek, simple design, and easy visibility.
Examine the menu, which gives information on the flavours and THC level. All of the items come from farms in Italy or Switzerland. CBD flower for sale online

Although some establishments only accept cards if you don’t mind THAT fee appearing on your bill, be ready to pay in cash.
The price of marijuana varies depending on grade and starts at about €15 per gramme (though the price varies if you buy more grammes of one variety at one time). Buy cbd flower online

Rome’s cannabis shops all began to open in 2018, and it is unclear how long they will remain legal. Whether or not the loophole is still available will determine this.



Medical marijuana cultivation, sales, and imports are permitted as long as the Ministry of Health grants permission. Currently, the state controls most aspects of cultivation, sale, and importation through internal production, importation from the Netherlands, or open bidding for the supply.cbd flower shop

The Ministry of Health must grant authorization. Such a license is personal and cannot be bought, sold, or given away. Additionally, it can only be given to institutions or businesses whose proprietor or legal representative, if they are businesses, is respectable and provides assurances regarding their moral character and abilities.

As of September 2021, the Ministry of Health has clarified the rules for businesses that want to cultivate Cannabis sativa L. from certified seeds of varieties allowed by European law in order to provide pharmaceutical firms permitted by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients with their raw materials (API).

In order to supply the leaves and inflorescences to a pharmaceutical business permitted to create API, the grower planning to submit an application for authorization must enter into a contract. In actuality, the grower is limited to selling his produce to that business. The agreement, which is a crucial prerequisite for the authorization, must be signed by the deadline for the submission of the cultivation and manufacturing applications, according to the Ministry.

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