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Is CBD legal in France?

CBD flower shop europe

We have long discussed the ambiguous legal landscape around France’s CBD legislation. In part because the CBD was not explicitly acknowledged, it is true that legal documents have not always been clear. cbd flower shop europe

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The situation has altered, and French and European regulations now specify what is possible or, on the other hand, forbidden more accurately as a result of the growth of the market and the multiplicity of situations. Cbd flower shop Europe. In order to end the suspense, let’s state unequivocally that CBD is legal in France.

However, it’s useful to be aware of some details. This in-depth manual examines the development of CBD law in France and describes in full what is permitted within the European Union (EU). CBD flower shop eu

CBD flower shop Europe- Is CBD legal in 2022?

In a word, yeah. In 2022, France will have the same legal status as the rest of the European Union regarding CBD. However, things were not always as straightforward, particularly at the beginning of the cannabidiol market boom in 2017–2018. But a lot of water has since gone beneath the bridge. The cbd flower shop eu

CBD flower shop europe
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All nations now recognize CBD as lawful, and there are no longer any distinctions between the French legal system and the supranational law of the European Union (EU). Cbd flower shop Europe

As a result, it is safe to buy, trade, and use cannabidiol without fear of government regulation. Two things are still prohibited, though:

the sale of goods made from hemp strains that are not EU-certified or that have a THC content of more than 0.3 percent. buy cbd flower buds online

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Understand that burning CBD products is not permitted; neither are flower joints or CBD resins. Smoking is also not permitted. However, other methods of consumption, such as ingestion, infusion, cutaneous application, and vaporization, are permitted.
Let’s examine the legal documents in place at the European level in more detail before moving on to France. cbd flower shops london

Regulation of Cbd flower shop Europe

The second-largest CBD market in the world, after North America, is none other than Europe. The basic foundation of CBD law at the EU level is a separate separation of the various cannabinoids.

Due to the psychotropic properties and potential for addiction in its users, le THC (and its acid version, THCA), which is classified as a narcotic, is illegal. The other cannabinoids, including CBD, are legal since they pose no known health risks. CBD flower for sale online

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recalled the following in a press release from November 2020:

Contrary to tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC), another cannabinoid in hemp, the CBD in question does not appear to have a psychoactive impact or any negative effects on human health, according to the most recent scientific knowledge, which it is important to take into account. Buy cbd flower online

CBD is therefore permitted in the EU. Starting there is crucial because European law supersedes French law (in this case, we speak of supranational law). In particular, this safeguards the Union’s basic right to the unrestricted movement of people and products.

The formation of a new regulatory framework was announced in a publication by MILDECA (Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Drugs and Addictive Behaviors) on December 30, 2021.

Its declared objectives are to safeguard consumer protection, combat drug trafficking, and promote the growth of hemp extract cultivation, industrial production, and commercialization. cbd flower wholesale uk

These significant developments could provide CBD hemp growers with intriguing economic advantages while also satisfying the expectations of CBD consumers in terms of local production, quality, and cost.

CBD flower shop europe- In France, is CBD illegal? What is permitted and what is not

Hemp is legal for “the cultivation, import, export, and industrial and commercial use.”
The allowable THC concentration is about 0.3 percent at most.
To produce by-products, hemp can be used in all of its parts (only seeds and stems were included in the previous decree, which prohibited the use of flowers and leaves).
Only seeds that are certified and listed in the official catalog may be used by farmers to cultivate hemp.
Hemp plants and cuttings containing CBD are still not allowed for sale.
In addition, the state council halted the ban on the sale of unprocessed CBD leaves and flowers from legal strains, emphasizing the unfairness of this broad prohibition. Cbd flower shop Europe

Learn everything there is to know about the development of French CBD law.

The CBD market is currently developing in 2017. However, a business in Dijon contributes to establishing French legal precedent. His boss was charged with drug trafficking for selling CBD flowers, but thanks to European law, he is actually free. It states that “items having less than 0,2 percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis,” are permitted in Europe at the moment. We are now able to discuss CBD that is legal in France.

CBD flower shop europe

MILDECA formally affirms the legality and commercialization of cannabis-derived products on French land with a THC content under 0.2 percent. However, only the usage of seeds and fibers is covered by this rule, and only if the species is one of the recognized hemp kinds.


During a visit to Creuse, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe stated the government’s intent to research potential CBD-based medicines. He adds that it would be stupid to not support scientific investigation into the matter. swiss cbd buds uk

Regarding the commercialization of CBD flowers, there is still legal ambiguity. European court rules that France has no justification for banning the import of hemp-derived goods that are produced legitimately in other EU members. This is the justification for the safe from CBD argument, which goes beyond the freedom of movement within the EU. CBD flower shop europe. Cbd flower shop EuropeHow to Purchase Marijuana in Rome: Italy’s Legal Light Cannabis 2022

The first medicinal cannabis trial, which was originally supposed to start earlier but was postponed owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, ultimately starts in March 2021.

Beyond CBD: Would legalizing marijuana benefit France?

The French government has a reputation for occasionally struggling with innovation and for having a propensity to wait until something similar to the more widespread legalization of cannabis occurs abroad. Buy cbd flower online australia

Cannabis for recreational use has already been planned for legalization in Luxembourg. As of 2024, decriminalization is the goal of the first German administration following Merkel’s. Italy respects the will of the people through a vote and has already permitted personal use cultivation since 2019.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be long before textbook examples are available and the discussion is brought back to the political table.


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