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BLUE BREEZE CBD Cannabis Flowers (Blue Cheese) – INDOOR

(11 customer reviews)


Buy Blue Breeze CBD flowers online from CHERRYWIFARM®

Blue Breeze aka Blue Cheese is a CBD flower grown indoors.

CBD flowers online, Blue Cheese variety:

price from € 410 

  • Blue Breeze aka Blue Cheese is a CBD flower grown indoors. CBD content 14 – 17%.
  • 100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties certified by the EU (Industrial hemp)
  • Express delivery 24h / 48h: fast, safe and with anonymous package.

Buy CBD flowers online from CHERRYWIFARM® in Europe

Cherrywifarm® brings you one of the best varieties of CBD marijuana buds from the Indoor Blue Cheese variety.

Cherrywifarm® CBD Blue Cheese flower. It is very popular and a Cherrywifarm classic. Considered one of the best varieties in Europe thanks to its high CBD content and its crystalline appearance, full of CBD resin. Its aroma is typical of the varieties called “Diesel” or “Glue” thanks to its high content of Terpinolene, a terpene that is found NATURALLY in this variety, and all the phenotypes of this genetics, such as DEEP BLUE or BLUE STORM.

Undoubtedly one of the best varieties in our catalog and in the European market. Satisfaction guarantee. You have never seen a CBD flower with a higher aromatic profile and CBD percentage than this.

CBD Blue Breeze flowers are aerial parts of the Cannabis Sativa L. (HEMP) plant. THC-free cannabis: from EU certified seed hemp strains grown without pesticides or herbicides in a totally organic way and respecting all GACP quality standards. A Kompolti phenotype of the best CBD cannabis strains from EU certified hemp.

This CBD marijuana has a delicious ‘resin’, ‘petrol’, ‘glue’ or hop aroma. Its buds are very crystalline, resinous, and very green.

These CBD flowers stand out for their attractive presence and high concentration of cannabinoids. One of the best varieties of Cherrywifarm Legal Cannabis.


250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg

11 reviews for BLUE BREEZE CBD Cannabis Flowers (Blue Cheese) – INDOOR

  1. Leslie Steeves

    I have been purchasing thru this site for almost 2 years now and I have never been disappointed. The growers definitely take pride in their work and it shows. The site is very easy to navigate, has a wide variety of high quality choices and I very much appreciate that they include as detailed a description as possible for them. I have not seen this at any other site. The whole ordering process is very quick and shipping is received within a few days in very discreet packaging. They have excellent customer service should you need to talk to them. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for quality product at competive pricing with discounts and bonuses to boot. Thank you GK.

  2. Shannon Mackey

    Excellent product, very reasonable prices, and customer service is amazing!
    Shipping is extremely fast, and I love the free gifts!

  3. Phil Ralph

    Huge selection of flower concentrates edibles and more at a fair price. Fast shipping discreet packaging AAAA service at every turn. I highly recommend!

  4. alora fisher

    This website is awesome! Great service and fast shipping

  5. Heather Hoye

    The service and the people are AMAZING. The product is Excellent and packaging and shipping is tight, neat and fast!
    Quality and performance Is , CHERRYWIFARM!!!
    Good luck,, and Stay safe peeps!

  6. Nathaniel Shingebis

    I really like ordering off this site. I’ve made 3 orders so far, each order kept coming in faster and faster. The discounts are amazing as well. They are fast when putting an order together and shipped the same or next business day. Definitely will be ordering again.

  7. phil richards

    Absolutely brilliant.. staff top notch friendly.. awesome business

  8. Danny Kimber

    Great prices super friendly staff, best in the area 100%

  9. Thomas Ketchell

    Awesome products. Quick delivery and they answered all my questions and concerns by email promptly. Highly recommend.

  10. IT Doctor

    Ordered box of 10 wedding cake and I’m really surprised with effect and taste. Nice metal case and good quality cones from raw! Will be ordering again!

  11. CBD Review UK

    Had 1kg of BLUE BREEZE delivered, haven’t tasted it yet but it is a massive bud and it also arrived in a box not the standard padded envelope that other sites tend to use, so your buds are perfectly protected along the way also the size of the box is small so it can go through the letterbox I have tried multiple different CBD flowers from multiple sites and the Strawberry Ripple is up at the top visually.. Perfect trim job and smells lovely cannot wait to try this. Keep up the good work!

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